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First Impressions, Relationships, & Social Technologies (FIRST) Lab

If you are interested in joining my research lab, please contact me >>

I am developing my psychological research lab at Widener University. The First Impressions, Relationships, & Social Technologies (FIRST) Lab focuses on research on how social technologies (e.g., computer-mediated communication, online dating platforms, social media) influence person perception in interpersonal and romantic relationships.

Currently, I have trained six undergraduate research assistants on thematic analysis to assess open-ended responses to one of my current studies on dating decisions. They have identified the prevalence of certain themes in how college students think, feel, and behave after negative or neutral dating experiences.


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Research Assistants

My name is Abby Warholic.

Currently, I am a senior at Widener University. My major is Psychology and my minor is in Gender, Women and Sexuality studies. As such, my research interests include the topics of gender, human sexuality, marriage and family dynamics, and more. I am very excited to learn more about online dating and how it can influence perceptions of romantic relationships.

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